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My mission is to help women have more choices. If you are interested in more income, an incredible community and a way to make an impact...

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My podcast, Rewritten, is designed to help you rewrite your story. No matter your current circumstances or past, you can live the life you want...

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Hi there! 

Thanks for visiting my site.

A quick breakdown about me :)

I'm married to Erik, mom to Faye and dog mom to Wyatt. 

We are former teachers turned a full time family. 

We moved from the Midwest to Silicon Valley.

Northern California has captured our hearts. 

I love to dance, eat pizza, watch the Packers. 

I'm a 8w7 on the enneagram.


Almost 7 years ago, we started a business partnering with

a company that wants to help others live healthier and more fulfilling


That decision changed everything for us. Afterall, it's always our choice if we want to change and live healthier. 

I am very passionate about mentoring other women and helping them earn more income, live fit and have more choices in life. 

If that's you, let's chat.