I am so excited that the holiday season is here.  Here are some healthy recipes for you to use for Thanksgiving. Just click the recipe guide to get to the details. Also, if you are in need of a plan with your fitness and nutrition to stay on track this holiday season, let's chat!

Healthy Thanksgiving Meals (1).png

Also, if you are looking for a fitness + nutrition plan for 2020, let me share real quick about my journey postpartum. 

I grew a human for 10 months.
I had that human.
That human is four months.

I’m pretty proud.
I love being strong.
I love being a mom.
I love my plan postpartum.


I workout 20-30 minutes. 

My nutrition is simple. 

It's a healthy solution.

I don't deprive myself. 

I feel strong and healthy.

I love that this journey FITS into my life. 

I’d love for you to move with me.
It’s not complicated.

Click the link below and let's chat!