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Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Month One. I feel like I crossed the finish line.

I didn't get a medal. I don't know if most would think this is a victory.

But for me, But for us, It is.

"How do you feel?"

Me: I'm feeling good!

This month was about me facing triggers and fears. I feel so good about it.

First off, I know so many of you are in month a million.

The dread. The pain. The wait.

Is hard.

Some of you, haven't started this journey. I'm glad I can shed some light.

We are all so different.

Our bodies are different. Our journey's are different.

We all go through different hard. We all go through different awesome.

I just want to share my story with you.

To connect. To reflect. To encourage.

I do believe that I can get so caught up in waiting for that big moment--that I miss all the amazing little moments that really are the ones that make up my life.

The morning snuggles, The sun rise, The laughs and conversations.

I don't want this journey to be skipped. I don't want to cut corners. I don't want to be caught up in bitter and comparison and jealousy, that I miss out on the beautiful and the good and the amazing.

SO. This month. was FILLED with laughter, adventure, sunrises, sunsets, prayers, and conversation.

These are the moments that can't be overlooked when you're on a journey to pursue something new.

Here I am. A miscarriage mama on her way. Trying to live life expecting grace, love, and mercy.

I faced triggers. I faced fears.

From trauma of a miscarriage.

Month 1. Period came. I'm still breathing. I'm thankful for so many great memories this month. It's making me. It's shaping me.

God is good. God is so good.

All. of. the. time.

That doesn't mean we won't feel frustrated or have pain-- we will. But know.

Those moments. The pain and struggle.

They make us connect to others more. They allow us to experience God's immense love.

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