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Flying with a baby

We packed up everything the night before our morning flight to make the morning easier. I made sure to wear a breastfeeding friendly tank/bra to help nurse on-the-go. I brought two covers for the plane ride and stroller (to keep the sun out of Faye's eyes and wind out of her face while she's in her stroller).

This was Faye's first time in a airplane and I heard that it's great to talk out what would happen -- I'm not sure if that's true, but I did the week before we left.

Our awesome neighbor took us to the airport in the morning and we checked our 2 bags and her car seat. Honestly, we should have checked the stroller, because she did a great job in the ergo baby. (We ended up checking the stroller at the gate and waiting to get it until we landed in Philly).

Security was extremely easy. I put her in the ergo baby and just wore her. I walked through the x-ray machine and that was that.

We love flying southwest and everyone there was so helpful, friendly and encouraging. I love that families get to board early-- that made the process so great.

I heard that it's best to seat in a window seat. We did a total of four flights that entire trip and every takeoff was different. She was either asleep, nursing, awake, or using her pacifier. I heard it's best to nurse/feed during takeoff and landing, but honestly, it didn't matter for sweet Faye.

The little girl can poop. Her first flight, she pooped three times. I just changed her right on my lap. To me, it was so much easier than changing her in the small bathroom on the plane. I don't know if that's really allowed, but I didn't care. And, of course the little girl had the biggest blowout you ever did see. I'm really thankful for those extra clothes in her diaper bag.

She took awesome naps and I just held her. I was glad to have a blanket (washed it at the airbnb -- and we had an extra to use while that one was being washed). In her diaper bag, we also packed a warm hat and jacket for when we got off the plane.

Here are some highlights from our trip:

Faye TALKED to another 3 month old on the airplane. It was seriously the most adorable sound in the whole world.

We had a whole row to ourselves, which was great to lay her down as she napped.

Be still, my freaking heart. Erik read to her each night and she was so into it. This girl is so resilient. She's so go with the flow. We would leave our airbnb around 6am and not return until 8pm or later each night. We are so grateful for our bassinet stroller because she slept well.

It was so awesome to be at a fitness retreat, business retreat, and family vacation all in one. Faye crushed it and I get to travel BY MYSELF with her Dallas in a few weeks. I'm so glad Erik was with me for her first flight and I feel way more confident going into this trip by myself.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Let me know if you have any questions.


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