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Front Row Seat: As we wait

However motherhood comes to you, it's a miracle. A complete miracle.

Every night, as we are tucking Faye into bed, we always finish up with two songs and then a prayer.

We've been praying for a child we have yet to meet.

I've found myself dreaming about holding my child in my arms. Comforting. Rocking. Singing. Smiling.

And loving on this sweet child, just like I do with Faye.

This year, I've felt robbed of all of that. It was set in motion and then just gone. All expectations just disappeared in an instant.

It's really bizarre in this waiting space. Kind of confusing at times.

From what-would-have-been turned into just waiting.

For now, as I wait and process, I just pray.

I know that it will all come together at some point, but right now, that's not the case.

We remain hopeful, grounded in faith, and called to share the reality of all of this.

So, in this time, we've continued on with our beautiful family. Making memories. Absorbing all this time with Faye. Living intentionally and purposefully.

We take weekly (sometimes daily) family adventures.

It's my favorite.

Faye is so fun right now. We feel so thankful we get to raise her. WE LOVE THIS AGE.

Oh, how I wish my hands were too full right now.

To relate to the "two is so hard and a lot" right now.

It aches. It's a longing. Time feels slow and rushed. It feels like we are running out of time. We aren't. It's just the waiting space.

So, as I yearn to rush this process that isn't meant to be rushed, I continue to think about the future family that needs us to trust in this waiting. This family will choose us. They needed us right at that exact time.

And that's when it will all make sense. I pray for them and what's to come. For them to be comforted at the thought of finding us. We are the ones.

The ones who've dreamed about this child, prayed for this child, and loved this child ever before in our arms to pray, sing, dance, kiss, and hold.

Already in my heart, someday in my arms...

If you could share our story or know of someone who needs to connect with a family, please reach out :).

Thank you!

We are grateful for your messages, support, and for sharing our story.

xo Julianne

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