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Front Row Seat: Meet The Condias

We are giving you a front row seat to our Open Adoption story. We are just beginning, which feels hard. It feels hard because it feels like we are clueless. Maybe that's why most people don't start? I don't know. My hope is to show you that you can start from the beginning and it will move with steps, maybe inches.

In this process before really announcing, we went over the way we'd want to do this. I don't know why I always pick the path that seems either the hardest or less "poplular". It's strange to even word it like that. But, we've decided to not move forward with an agency as of right now. The biggest reason is that we've shared our journey on social media for 7 years. So, sharing us, our story and this journey can help us connect with a family. I'm 100% confident in that.

I want you to meet us, if you don't know us. Because you play such a vital role in this. We want you to know who we are, so when you find a family to connect us with, it will bridge that gap.

Let me start with: Erik and I currently live in Northern California with our daughter (Faye) and our dog (Wyatt). But, our story starts in college. We both some how ended up in Wisconsin of all places. Erik being from Orange County, CA and me from the Midwest, we both chose to go to school in Wiconsin. It's really cool.

I saw him and it was married at first sight for me. For him, not so much. HA. It took a few years. We both were teaching at the same school in Milwaukee. We taught there and also started our business as teachers. We got married 6+ years ago and we decided to move to California 5+ years ago. That was hands down the best decision.

We had a miscarriage 4 years ago, had Faye 2 years ago and had 2 more miscarriages in 2021. It's been a journey. A big thing that has really been in my mind is that this whole open adoption thing is LESS about us "needing to complete our family with one more child" but, I know that we could be the best case scenerio for a family who choosing adoption. Erik and I don't see our TTC journey and Open Adoption as the same. Those two are completely different. We aren't desperate, but called. We are called to this journey. We feel it in our bones. We keep praying for this family and child. We want them to have a front row seat. That matters to us.

Let me tell you about my best friend. Erik is hands down the greatest human being in the world. He's gentle, kind and loving. He champions strong, independent women. Aka, Faye and I. He loves it. He's the most disciplined person I've ever met. He values faith, health, family and quality time. He is so wise with this words, love and thoughts. He is truly the most accepting person I've ever met. You will find him playing basketball, playing this complicated game I don't understand with his friends, singing to Faye or walking Wyatt. He believes in counseling, being proactive with health and growing in faith. I admire him. He's such a servant leader.

He's a 9 on the enneagram. A peacemaker. He's 1 of 3 children. He's active, healthy and nothing can surprise him. I love how much he loves his family. I could watch him play with Faye all day long. He is the glue to our family. I like to say he keeps me grounded and I keep him flying. We are the perfect match. I know it in my soul.

We run two businesses together. He's the behind-the-scenes guy. All the data, schedules, appointments, phone calls -- pretty much everything to help our family function, it's him. And he still finds time to be so present and is always giving back.

ALSO, he's the most thoughtful person. The most thoughtful. It's wild how well he pays attention, notices and just acts. He never second guesses his giving, time and people. It's such a beautiful thing about him.

Faye. She's wild. She's kind. She's a toddler. We go through a lot of emotions each day, but I'm here for it. We say things like "can I help you find a word to help you say what you're needing?" She loves to dance, sing and play. We call ourselves a full time family. We fit work around our life. We believe that spending time together is the best use of our time. So, you'll find us going on weekly family adventures, going on daily walks and exploring epic parks in the Bay Area.

She's truly a treaure of a person. We feel so lucky to know her. Erik has always said "Faye is God's child, brought through us." We get to have a front row seat at watching her grow, and it's easily my favorite thing in the whole world. We feel like we get to live life all over again.

I'm the one with all the big ideas. Constantly. I think of crazy things like moving across the country or leaving teaching to pursue passion. Thankfully, I have a husband who trusts that I trust myself enough to make it work.

You'll find me working out, reading a great book or working on some kind of project. I love leading and mentoring. My love language is quality time. I may not be the best when it comes to cooking (thank goodness Erik is a great cook!) or gift giving, but I will give you my time.

I value honesty and being straight forward. I'm a 8 on the ennegram The Challenger is what it's called. I always go with my gut and I trust myself. I laugh a lot. I find joy in a lot of simple things. We are a pretty chill family. I love that about us.

As soon as I told my parents and brother about this decision to move forward with Open Adoption, they were delighted. We've been on the oppsite side of things, so for them, I'm sure it's full circle. We have such an incredible support system behind us.

For us, we understand that Open Adoption is going to require putting ego aside. Our biggest understanding that this will always come down to what is best for our-soon-to-be-child, not what's best for us. We understand that this isn't going to be an easy road. Being a parent isn't one. But, we know we are built for it. We value the family choosing us. It's not lost on us, this decision you are making.

I asked Erik the other day, "Could you imagine having to make this decision? It's gutting." And then I cried. I think about that. And I want you to have all the confidence in the world that we are the ones that can do this with you. We can. We can walk this with grace, love and so much faith. We can take care, nuture and provide the safest (not just physical, but emotional, mental and spiritual) space for this child.

We also want our child to know you. That matters to us. That matters to us so much.


The Condias

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