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Front Row Seat: Our Open Adoption Story

I written, typed up and deleted many versions of this, so I'm just going to keep these words and press publish.

We are moving forward with Open Adoption. As you might know, this year has been a hearbreaking one for our family. We've had two miscarriages during a world-wide pandemic. We are raising a two year old and navigating being entrepeuners here in Silicon Valley.

This decision to move forward with Open Adoption actually started 22 years ago. It isn't so much of my story to tell, but something I saw, watched and witnessed for most of my life. I saw someone I love dearly come up choose adoption, open adoption and come up with a plan.

I watched a family be chosen. Chosen to raise up their child with such grace and love. They were the perfect match. They were the ones to do it. And they have done such a beautiful job. Even though this year has been so heartbreaking about us trying to conceive, our prayers keep coming back to this.

I must make a few things clear. This has always been something I've thought about. It's been such a huge piece of my family for so long. Being able to watch the best case scenerio is something I want to give to another family who is needing to make this decision to pick the best family for their loved one. Ego aside, open adoption is what we know would be best for that family and child. I can truly speak from experience. Being able to have that front row seat has been everything and more.

This journey of Open Adoption is something we see completely seperate from us trying for another biological child. Meaning, that chapter isn't completely over for us, at least for now. We are feeling called towards this route and we are going to go in faith. We know that Open Adoption is what we want for our family.

What you must know is that this is just the beginning. This is fresh. We've told our families, we have decided the route we want to take and we are now just sharing this with you. We feel raw, exposed and new at this. Our hopes is that you can follow us along to get educated, get inspired and even help connect us to the family we aren't meant to walk with. We want to give them a front row seat.

For right now, we are choosing to not go wtih an agency. The main reason being is that so much of our story has already been shared via social media. We really believe the people around us can help connect us to the family. We are nervous, we are excited and most importantly, we are completely giving all of this to God.

We are so grateful for the love and support we've gotten from our families and friends. We feel so thankful to have such amazing people in our live championing our journey to Open Adoption.

Thank you for your love.

We feel it.

The Condias

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