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Front Row Seat: Unexpected Blessings

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Today has been hard. Emotionally. I cried lots of tears. I'm missing my sweet-would-have-been baby that was due this week. I weeped. I napped. I just let myself be.

The unexpected blessing of starting our Open Adoption process is that this wouldn't be happening right now if our baby would have made it. It's bittersweet. It's beautiful. It's hard. It's right.

Adoption has been on my heart and in my mind for 20 years. I knew that this was in our future. I didn't think it would be right now, but here we are, and for that, I'm delighted.

Throughout these past few weeks (of finally sharing with you our start and story), I've been getting the most incredible messages. I can't explain how helpful and living-giving these messages have been. Whether it's been personal experience or a story they've heard about with adoption.

All I know is that it's a constant reminder. A reminder of what's coming and who's coming; our beautiful child. The one we love so much already. The one we are just waiting for.

My friend sent me this note: "I am SO PUMPED for you and your open adoption journey, friend! I'll join you in prayer for the right family and the right time. I also applaud you stepping out in courage and vulnerability as you embark on this path. I see you being successful in this journey BECAUSE you are an eight (on the enneagram)-- YOU ARE DETERMINED, DECISIVE, UNASHAMED, UNDETERRED, POSITIVE, and best of all-- using vulnerabililty as your power tool. God's got this!" It's notes like this that make this "waiting" process the unexpected blessings.

I got connected to someone who chose adoption for her baby. I asked her one simple question, "Why did you choose the family you did?" She told me it was easy because she saw this poem with their bio.

Maybe the family we are meant to connect with needed to see this poem too. I keep reading it, over and over. "YOUR BIRTHMOM SAW THE LIFE YOUR MOM COULD GIVE YOU."

We are waiting. And they are choosing. They are deciding. They are thinking. They are breaking over and over again. They are scared. They are worried. But yet, hope will find them just as it has me. Hope. Not hopeless. Hope is what we cling to. Hope is what will help us through this. I'm thinking of that family right now. Praying for them. For what's to come. I pray for their hearts. I pray for comfort and peace. I pray for clarity. I pray that their questions and worries don't lead them to being afraid, but lead them to us. We've got you.

Please share our story.

You are going to help connect us to the family that we are meant to do this with.

Thank you.

xo, Julianne

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