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Front Row Seat: We're having a...

Hi There!

If you are new here, we are the Condia's.

We are on the journey of Open Adoption.

We are praying to get connected to a family.

If you could share our story, that helps us greatly.

The older Faye gets, the further I get from the kicks I used to get in my belly.

The older Faye gets, the further I get from remembering what a full-term pregnancy is like.

I'm thankful for all the pictures I took.

I love looking back at that time.

As we wait, let me remember.

I remember saying, I was indifferent with pregnancy.

Maybe that was my way of "protecting my heart" just in case something were to happen. I don't know.

But, looking back, it was really wonderful.

Faye's name came to me in a dream before I was pregnant with her.

We chose not to find out what we were having. I'm so glad we did that.

What a surprise we got when she was born.

My water broke at home.

The night before her due date.

She was born right on her due date.

The really cool thing is that my parents were flying out right when all this happened.

As I was waiting in the hospital for her arrival, my parents came and we watched movies.

It was so relaxing, wonderful, and chill.

I dilated to a 10 and it was go-time.

As my parents were walking out the door, I asked if they could stay.

25 minutes later, Faye was in my arms.

My mom captured this moment. I'll forever cherish it.

This time, while we wait, we don't know what we are having.

I dream about them. I think about them. I can't wait to find out who is coming into our lives.

Knowing the amount of love and joy that has been revealed in my life because I've been called to be Faye's mom is the wildest thing I've ever experienced.

"There is a call on your life, and it's not to be comfortable."

Open Adoption is something we are being called to-- therefore, we wait. We wait to be surprised. We wait for what's coming. We anticipate goodness and love. We wait for the beauty and story to come together. We wait and build up our love for what's coming.

My love for what's coming is indescribable.

The greatest thing we can do is to let people know that they are loved.

And to our sweet child that we are waiting for, we love you so much.

So much.

xo Julianne


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