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Front Row Seat: What's Next

We just got our new MPV. Multipurpose Vehicle. A van, some would call. Ha. We are pumped about it. We've been waiting for this and we are pumped about all the family trips we are going to take with more room.

Fun fact, Erik and I have had ONE car our entire marriage. Even before we were together, we drove one car. We lived in downtown Milwaukee, so we walked everywhere. We just got used to it.

We were playing tetris with our Jeep. Wyatt (our dog) is always coming along with us. We upgraded to this one not only because we are always on adventures, but because we know our family is going to be expanding.

As we were getting our new ride, a guy said, I'm assuming you have kids? And we said yes, Faye. And he said, so are you going to try to have more?

I'm not offended by that question. I share about our angel babes. "We've had some losses and right now we are on an open adoption journey." He told us how wonderful that was and it takes special people to do that.

I think loving a child is the best piece of me. It's wild how much my heart has grown with Faye. I know it's about to grow twice as big right as we expand our family. So, what's next?

When you're on your adoption journey, you must complete a home study. There's lots involved with this process and we are just inching forward as we go. I'll be the first to constantly remind you we have no idea what we are doing, but we are going and that's enough. During this home study, we will be asked a series of questions. I'm actually going to answer some on the BLOG so you get an idea of what these questions are about. This is a time where a social worker helps us understand the process and this helps us get questions answered as well. They just want to make sure we are a good fit for this journey and future child.

Not only will there be questions, but they also want to make sure you have a safe place for your child. Examples would include: child proofed, up-to-date detectors, hazards are put away, maintenance, adequate space, play area, etc. We will also use this time during the home study to provide all our documentation. It's a process. I'm glad such measures are taken for this journey.

Let's start with this question: WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION TO ADOPT?

Easy. My family went through this process and I saw the best case happen. I want to be that for another family. It's always been something on my heart. And Erik is completely on board. He feels just as called to walking this journey. We are delighted to walk this together. We don't know what our story will be with another biological child. We see this as completely seperate. Meaning, we would have gone this route at some point with another biological child or not. LASTLY, we want to give comfort to a grieving family. We want them to know their child will be in the most loving home. A home where they know they will be so loved and cared for. That matters most. We feel so deeply called for that very reason. To give this family a peace of mind as they make the hardest decision they could ever make. Sometimes the hard thing and the right thing are the same. We want the last thing they worry about is the family their child would be going to.

So. What's next? A home study. We just need to get connected to a Bay Area Social Worker who does these home studies. We are pumped to get started. So far, I've asked for referrals in a local moms group. I didn't have any one connet me. Next, Google. Just sharing the real. I'm resourceful and scrappy. We will figure it out. If you have advice, please hit us up.

Thanks for walking with us!

We don't know when this will all come together, but I can't help but think this is just another piece to get there.

xo Julianne

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