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New Program Alert: 10 Rounds! #DOITFORYOU

I am so excited about a new program I'm going to start and I wanted to share it with you. FUN FACT, did Tae Kwon Do when I was younger (even became a black belt and competed!). I gave it up for basketball, but I seriously love throwing punches and FEELING like I could win a fight. I don't know if it's about being a girl or what, but I want to be strong, protect myself and live fit.

Boxing gyms are all the rage- boxing is one of the best TOTAL-body workouts you can do. But for some, stepping into a boxing gym can be pretty intimidating. But now you can have a boxing gym in your house! Which, let's be real, not everyone has time to commute when you have kids, a full time job and other commitments.

What is 10 Rounds?


6 weeks

5 workouts a week

3 boxing workouts and 2 lifting workouts a week

-Boxing workouts are broken up into 10 rounds- 3 minutes each, focusing on punching combinations and footwork that progresses throughout the 6 weeks

We will learn how move actually begins at your feet, moves up through your hips, uses your core, and explodes all the way through your fists. With every punch you use your entire body- scorching calories and toning. This program is built around the simple and precise movements of boxing- without the impact! You won’t be using a sparring partner or hitting a heavy bag- instead you will train the way real boxers do- with shadowboxing!

The 3 boxing days are combined with conditioning drills that help build: -Power -Speed/agility -Endurance

The two days of weightlifting workouts include -Upper Body to build strength and power

-Lower Body/Legs- since every punch starts at your feet

(I was honestly so excited about this because I crave to lift and tone!)

And of course, there is amazing music in every workout to help keep you moving and give you the energy to keep going!

I AM HOSTING A 10 ROUNDS: DO IT FOR YOU GROUP and I would love to get you more information! Please fill out this form and I will give you the details!

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