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You have the RIGHT to not get your milk xrayed or opened to get tested.

Okay. I am so serious. Milk Stork is AMAZING.

It made this whole process so incredibly easy.

Milk Stork is super easy to use.

You fan and stack your bagged milk in the cooler. You press the button down and it starts to instantly cool. Shut the lid. You're good to go.

I chose PUMP + TOTE. I carried my milk WITH me on the airplane.

TIP: get to the airport early. You 100% an extra 45 minutes for security on top of what a normal security line will be like.

Your pump counts as a carry-on, but your pumped milk does not. SO, I put my pump inside my suitcase (because it was a short flight) and had my milk with a tote bag and my backpack.

At the security line, I put my backpack, shoes, etc. on the security belt and told the person working that I didn't want my milk to go through the x-ray machine. She had to call someone (which took about 15-20 minutes) to do a special check with me.


I went through the x-ray machine. I got extra patdowns and had my hands swabbed.

The TSA worker (still had my milk) and also grabbed all my things to go to a checking station. I wasn't allowed to touch anything.

I also told her I didn't want my milk opened and tested. Did you know you have this right? I'm so glad that I did because I didn't have to dump any of my milk! She opened the container/cooler, and moved my milk around with a swab, but didn't open any of the bags.

She tested all around the box, my book bag, my body, etc. I had to get a DETAILED pat down (I had to agree to do it) and everything passed.

And then, done. Through security.


Save yourself TIME for this process. It takes time if you don't want your milk to go through machines and get opened.

Milk Stork provided me with ALL THE instructions and details online AND in a booklet. I felt so confident and I will 100% use this service every time I'm traveling away from Faye. You can even have your milk sent to wherever your baby is if you don't do the carry-on option!

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