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TRIP PREP for flying with a baby

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

We just got back from a fitness retreat in Philly and I wanted to make sure I shared my top traveling tips with a 3 month old across the country. When we were waiting for our friend to pick us up after we landed home, Erik and I gave each other a high-five because we survived and crushed traveling across the country with a baby.

Trip Prep:

1. We love traveling Airbnb. It's convenient and gives us a taste of the culture. It was great having this option with a baby because we had access to a big fridge, washer, and had more room for our stuff.

2. We bought stroller bags for checking Faye's car seat and stroller. Our friend gave us the tip to "wear her" through security and the airport. It was so helpful and easy to get around. We have an ergo baby. I give it five stars.

3. You can either send diapers to your location or pack them. We decided to pack them this trip, because we were only gone for 4 days. I would say shipping diapers to your destination is perfect if you're going to be gone a week.

4. Since we were heading to colder weather, I made sure to order fleece pants for Faye. We also borrowed an infant snowsuit (we knew we'd be walking a ton and wanted to make sure Faye was warm). These are the BEST cozie fleece stay-on booties that she wore most the trip. We have the 6 month old ones, but they were great for her 3 month old self. She loved this winter hat..

5. A car seat and stroller are "considered" free checked bags. Pro tip: stuff some blankets, the snowsuit, extra "stuff" in these bags to make more room your suitcase.

6. I ended up not bringing the breast-pump (it's a free carry-on) and went with the haaka. She feeds on demand, so this worked for us. We brought a bottle and this portable drying rack + bottle brush. It's the GREATEST ever. We use it to wash bottles, her pacifiers, the haakaa, etc.

7. All you need is baby's birth certificate for them to get their "plane ticket".

8. I made sure to make her diaper bag (backpack option is the best) with: snacks (for me), my water bottle, 10ish diapers, mini shampoo for her baths, diaper cream, three extra pairs of clothes, socks, an extra pacifier, wipes (these will get checked through security-- so just make sure to take them out if you don't want to get your bag pulled to get looked through), changing pad, a sensory toy , and blanket.

9. Faye is 3 months, so we thought her bassinet (uppababy) would be a great space for her to sleep in at night. We were right. It was PERFECT for the day time (when she took her naps) and for night. It's collapsible and really easy to travel with -- she only was in her car seat when we were traveling to and from the airport, otherwise, we walked everywhere and she was in the bassinet or in her ergo baby.

10. I packed her about 10 outfits for 4 days. She had two blankets as well. Reason being, if they got dirty, we had extra on demand. Having access to a washing machine was awesome and really helped us out. I put her clothes/diapers (and an extra thing of wipes) in my suitcase.

Erik and I sat down a week before our trip and talked through the logistics. That really helped me mentally prepare to fly with a baby and not get stressed out about anything. I started to pack days in advance to make sure she would have everything she needed. We did bring a few small books to read to her at night. I am really glad that we did that.

My next post will be all about the travel and our experience with the airport + airbnb.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share :)


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